Stories about Pirates

In our English lessons we heard many stories about pirates. We learn how pirates lived and we learned the names of famous pirates. Then we wrote our own stories.

The stupid story of “Long Nose Jonse”

Long Nose Jonse was a pirate.
He looked on a map to sail to islands.
He sailed to the “Bone Island”.
Long Nose Jones captured other ships and stole much gold.
He hid the treasure chest on the Bone Island. But the treasure was never found again.

Captain Blackbeard and his crazy pirates

Captain Blackbeard and his pirates were pirates in the Caribbean Sea.
The pirates were very crazy! Pirates` names were Crazy Parrot, Black Jack….
The Crew liked to sing pirates´songs and they drunk whisky and rum.
The pirates ate bread and salted fish.
They stole silver and gold from other ships, captured the crew and celebrated. Sometimes the pirates landed on the beach because they needed fresh water and food. Captain Blackbeard and his pirates had got many pistols and swords.

Captain Blackbeard‘s ship
A pirate ship anchored at the coast of Jamaica. The name of the ship was “Queen Anne’s Revenge”. She has three masts, an anchor and 8 decks. The hold was full of silver and gold that the pirates stole from other ships. There was a wooden figure on the bow. It brings luck to the pirates. The name of the Captain is Captain Blackbeard. He’s dangerous but he is also very proud of his crew.

The hidden treasure
One day Calico Jack sailed from England to the coast of Jamaica. He wanted to get a big treasure chest that he had buried there long time ago. When the Captain landed on the beach,
he took his map to find the treasure. The treasure was hidden in an old cave under three palm trees. When he opened the treasure chest he took a bath in gold and silver. He sailed back to England as a rich man.

Captain Hook and his pirates
Captain Hook was a dangerous pirate. There were six pirates in his crew. They sailed from England to the coast of Jamaica. On their ship they drank a lot of rum and sometimes they cleaned the decks. One morning they saw a ship. They shouted:” Ship ahoy”. The Pirates took their pistols and swords and captured the other ship. They found a lot of gold and silver because it was a ship of a great king. Captain Hook was so lucky. In the evening they made a big party, they ate salted fish, drank a lot and sang pirate songs.

Pirates searched a treasure

Captain Blackbeard shouted: “Don`t come back without the gold! “ The Pirates searched the treasure. “Were is it?” one pirate thought. Another pirate said: “This way.” Another Pirate said: “No, this way, stupid!” Two hours later a bird said: “Yellow and brown, up and down, blue and white, gold shines bright. “ Captain Blackbeard said: “Shut up you crazy bird!”
Then Captain Blackbeard had an idea. He and his crew found the treasure. Captain Blackbeard gave the crew a lot of whisky.

The brave pirates

Once it was a famous and dangerous pirate and his crew. They sailed of a big ship. They captured every ship. The Captain had a parrot on his shoulder. They sailed across the Caribbean Sea and looked for treasure islands. Suddenly they sailed on a rock in the water.
A big hole was in the ship and it started to sink. All the pirates jumped into the long boat. They rowed to the next islands. In a cave next to the beach they found a treasure. The treasure chest was full of gold, silver, pearls and diamonds. They lived rich and happy on the island for the rest of their life.

The life of Captain Blackbeard
Captain Blackbeard was a dangerous and famous pirate. He found a treasure chest in a cave. He sailed to the coast of Jamaica. On his ship was a pirate flag. He had got a pistol and a knife. His crew was a very dangerous crew. They liked salted fish and whisky and rum.